VPN Installation & Support

What is a VPN?

VPN allows you to browse the Internet through another computer’s Internet connection, keeping your PC safe. In other words, by using VPN you put a gate in between your business PCs and the online world of hackers. The gate hides your identity but also encrypts the data you send and receive.


Data about your customers or any data related to your business becomes vulnerable when, in the business process, it has to be sent and received through unsecured network connections. Secure your business by using a Virtual Private Network (VPN)!


Better security

Firewalls and antivirus software do not protect you from hacking or other intrusions. A VPN service ensures end-to-end encryption of all data that goes through it.

Secure data sharing

When VPN is set to encrypt your entire Internet connection, any data that is uploaded to emails, storage or any other network outside the company is completely secured for sharing. Only people you choose to receive the encryption key will be able to access and use the data, avoiding data breaches.

Remotely secure data access

When you are on business trips, or in a cafe connected to a public WiFi, a business VPN service allows you to remotely connect into a secure server to access your cloud data. If you are traveling in countries with Internet censorship in place, VPN helps you to browse the Internet like from your office.

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