IT and Security for Cannabis Business

Configuring a marijuana security system can be as complex as securing a laboratory housing controlled substances or even a bank. Egghead IT experts of Palm Desert are here to provide your business the complete IT security it needs.  Is your business secure?  Contact us today to implement these protocols.

Video surveillance

Your security plan should include video monitoring of the dispensary. The cameras should be placed in such a way that they can capture footage in the following areas:
the cannabis storage room,
dispensary entrance,
products receiving point,
the main floor or customer area, and
all the points of sale.

EggHead IT of Palm Springs installs camera systems that allow you to monitor your store online from anywhere. These camera systems also have high-capacity for storing huge amounts of footage and HD cameras for high-quality videos.


Your dispensary security plan should also include an access control system. This helps you to ensure that only those who are authorized to be in the store can open and close the dispensary.

Also, you can use the access control system to allow only some of the staff to access specific areas of your store, such as the storage room.

Cybersecurity Check

Hackers or viruses can cost your business more than you can imagine, and put your brand at risk. For that, you need to ensure that your dispensary’s servers are secure and fully protect your data and your clients’ personal information.

EggHead IT can not only shield your dispensary from cybersecurity threats, but also provide security and threat management along with network monitoring.

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