EggHead IT Services for Law Practices

Your business holds and manages highly sensitive information and bears responsibility for protecting that data. Count on Egghead IT to provide you with efficient data accessibility, data reliability and data security, and other high quality IT services for legal industry.

Data security and cybersecurity

You need to fully protect sensitive client information from cyber threats. We can proactively monitor and manage security services, secure your PCs, tablets or any device, including personal mobile devices of your employees, and add multiple layers of security on your network.

IT infrastructure review

        We can review of your networking infrastructure, help you to comply with regulations. Then, we make sure your practice has access to the most effective devices and network.

Reliable and secure access

Once your needs are defined, we can recommend, provide and install any hardware devices you choose for your business. Also, we can set up and secure your network, and build a custom data access control system for your team.

Back-up and disaster recovery 

We can identify together the most suitable back-up solution. In case of a disaster or a security breach, our aim is to recover your data in terms of minutes, reducing any loss and ensuring continuity.

Curious about how we can help you in your industry?