Business Telephone/Voice Services from EggHead IT

Considering VoIP Voice Solutions?

Hosted VoIP telephones are ideal for any size business, from just one user up to hundreds of users across multiple locations. It offers the opportunity to easily add stations through a single hosted system.

Ultimate Flexibility

Put calls on hold, play marketing messages, move calls seamlessly between users and offices. Your customers will get the best experience when calling your business.


Improve Customer Contact

With EggHead IT’s hosted telephone system, a busy tone is never presented to your customers or prospects, regardless of the number of calls received.

Extremely Reliable

Our system boasts 99.9999% uptime reliability for peace-of-mind dependability.

Ideal for Multiple Sites

You don’t need an expensive system at each of your locations. Our system centrally connects each location together in one low-cost system.

Lower Your Costs

EggHead IT’s voice is an end-to-end business communication solution. Lower your operating expenses because there is no need to purchase, install, own, or maintain your own hardware.

Keep Your Phone Numbers

With EggHead IT’s Cloud Connect, you can keep any existing phone numbers and transfer them seamlessly to your new system.

Ready to switch to a better telephone solution?