Business IT Services from EggHead IT

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and protect your IT investment with EggHead Business IT Services. Get on-site service, 24-hour online PC support, network and firewall services, commercial installation, protection plans, and more.

Device Diagnostic & Repair

Diagnose and repair devices, testing hardware and software, eliminating known risks to data and hardware. Decreases negative impacts to device performance.

Network Setup & Configuration

Provides a properly set up network for client devices. Configure router settings and protect client data with proper security encryptions.

Data Backup/Transfer

Data backup and transfer data between 2 devices, protect valuable data and prevents data loss.

Software Service/Installation

Install, update, repair, or configure software applications. Check compatibility and test functionality.

Data Recovery

Perform business disaster recovery for accidentally deleted and overwritten files, lost files due to formatting the hard drive, file corruption, and even physical damage.

PC Setup & Configuration

Unbox and install computer and peripherals. Perform OS setup, tune-ups, and updates. Join computer to network/domain, and connect to printer and network drives.

Hardware Service/Installation

Install hardware devices (hard drive, internal card, printer, etc.). Install required software and configure user preferences.


Operating System Installation

Install operating system (OS), drivers, and updates. Test system and configure OS for optimal performance.


Virus/Spyware Removal

Removes and disinfects viruses, malware, and other threats. Protect from possible data corruption, loss, or system inaccessibility.

VPN Installation & Support

Install, configure, and troubleshoot Virtual Private Network (VPN) hardware and software. Configure security services and encryption settings, and text connectivity.

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