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A real estate business manages transactions that involve hundreds of thousands to millions of dollars, and that is enough to make your business a target for cyber attacks. Cyber security protocols are a must and the following best practices compiled by our Eggsperts will reduce your risk of hack attacks:

Keep updating your software

Most updates address important security measures. Take the time to download and install the updates, especially for your antivirus software, firewalls, and operating system.

Develop good habits for your email and passwords

Use long and complicated passwords, and never set up the same password for multiple accounts. Change passwords regularly and use two-factor authentication whenever available. Do not click on suspicious links or attachments, and employ encrypted messaging to share sensitive information.

Protect your Wi-Fi router

Network: “business name”, and password: “businessname123”… is an open invitation for hackers to install Trojans and worms and gain control over your network and computers. Hide your wireless network name with a new and unexpected name. Regularly change the administrative password on your router, using highly secure passwords. Consult our experts to add multiple security layers to your business network.

No business on unsecured networks

Public Wi-Fi networks have a low level of security, for good reasons: they are open and easy access for everyone, including hackers. Do not do business, connect to your work email, or send sensitive information on such networks. If your agents need to connect to public networks, make sure they use a virtual private network (VPN) on their devices, to encrypt all your data. Contact us to install such a system.

Backup your data

Regularly, backup critical data, applications, and systems. Use cloud services like the one EggHeadIT provides, to easily backup your data and recover it when you need it. If someone takes control of your devices, we have your data safe and secure!

Establish cyber and data security policies

Learn about the state legislation on cyber attacks and data security measures, and develop sound policies to protect your company and your clients from any data breach. Review your current insurance coverage, in order to include cyber-attack risks.

Fully protect your clients

As a real estate professional or realtor, it falls on you to both shield your clients’ personal data, and advise them on what they should do to protect themselves. Inform them about the risks, and educate them about online security habits they should adopt. Final advice: we are here to help you in implementing these and other cyber security measures, but first vet our company (or any other IT company you choose to work with!) before giving us access to your network and devices!

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