Cybersecurity Tips for Working Remotely during COVID-19

Apr 27, 2020

COVID-19 outbreak continues to interrupt our everyday life and forces businesses to extend the working-from-home period for their employees. If you have rushed in getting your staff to connect and start working from their personal computers or personal networks, it’s the moment to take a step back. There are numerous security risks, scams and cyber-attacks these days, so consider implementing these cybersecurity tips we got ready for you!


  1. If you don’t have them yet, then set up telework policies for your employees. Evaluate the risks, come up with solutions and promote them among your staff.
  2. Ask your employees to use only devices that were approved by your IT team or IT contractor. Personal computers or work computers have to be sanitized and updated before connecting to your VPN.
  3. Make sure all the computers and servers have properly configured firewalls, and anti-malware and intrusion prevention software installed.
  4. Set up a virtual private network (VPN) for your business and make sure everyone is using it when connecting for work-related emails, online meetings, transfer of data, etc.
  5. Create strong passwords for devices and networks, and ask your employees to start using two-factor authentification.
  6. Teach your employees how to encrypt emails before sending them out, in order to protect any sensitive information about your business, clients, suppliers, etc.
  7. Train your employees on essential cybersecurity risks and measures, and increase their awareness of IT support mechanisms they can get from you. Also, make them aware of the coronavirus-themed phishing emails and teach them how to act if such emails reach them.


Do not hesitate to ask Eggsperts’ assistance in implementing these minimum cybersecurity measures and other more advanced ones. We are available to help all businesses still operational during COVID-19 pandemic, but also those working from homes. Contact us!

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