Data Backup, Transfer, and Recovery

Oct 9, 2019

Even the best quality hard drives will eventually fail. Our experts will tell you that no technology is made to last forever. When the hard drives let you down, we are here to recover your working files, videos, pictures, etc. However, data loss can be prevented. Contact us to make a plan to protect your personal or business valuable data through data backup and transfer.

Data backup
In terms of data protection, as IT experts, we advise going above and beyond the traditional “do not put all your eggs in one basket”. When financial records, client data or any other personal or business valuable data are at stake, make sure your digital “eggs” are at least in two different baskets. We develop and personalize backup plans for our customers, copying and saving your data regularly to another device or to a cloud.

Data transfer
If you plan to upgrade your business computers or your personal system, we are one call away to make the process easy and fast for you. Our trained technicians will make sure that all your data is completely transferred to the new devices, including your settings, programs, bookmarks, etc.

Data recovery
With the right experts and technology, recovering data works like magic. If you cannot access your files anymore on your hard drive, flash drive or memory card, call us immediately. If you accidentally deleted data from your device, time is precious in getting back your files. We also recover data lost due to drive formatting, file corruption, and even physical damage.

First, let’s start with your backup plan!


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