Egghead IT: IT Services for the Legal Industry

Dec 27, 2019

Your business holds and manages highly sensitive information and we fully understand that this is your primary asset as a law firm. Count on Egghead IT to provide you with efficient data accessibility, data reliability and data security, and other high quality IT services for legal industry.


IT infrastructure review

Let’s start with a review of your computing and networking infrastructure. First, we help you to comply with the legal industry IT regulations. Then, we make sure your law firm has access to the most effective devices and network, in accordance with your business needs.


Reliable and secure infrastructure

Once your needs are defined, we can recommend, provide and install any hardware devices you choose for your business. Also, we can set up and secure your network, and build a custom data access control system for your team.


Secure remote access

Give flexibility to your team of lawyers and paralegals to work from where it is needed, in order to be fast and efficient for your clients. We can configure a Virtual Private Network for your law firm, which guarantees secure remote access to your business data, to emails and Internet, in general. Even when connected to public networks, your team’s work is kept confidential.


Data mobility & cloud services

Enhance work flexibility with cloud services. We can introduce you to our own cloud solution for the legal industry. A cloud system provides freedom, flexibility, lower operation costs, while keeping your data safe and accessible anytime and anywhere.


Back-up and disaster recovery 

We can identify together the most suitable back-up solution for your business needs. In case of a disaster or a security breach, our aim is to recover your data in terms of minutes, reducing any loss and ensuring business continuity.


Data security and cybersecurity

Our experts can build multiple security layers into your devices and network, and protect your confidential client case data and business information. We can also shield your business against cybersecurity threats, and also provide you with network monitoring and security management services.


We can provide all these and more for your law firm. Contact us today to discuss the IT services to enhance the security and efficiency of your business!


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