IT Services and Security for Small & Medium Sized Businesses

Mar 9, 2020

If one morning your business network goes down or you suddenly cannot access your email server, the loss in productivity and revenue can seriously damage your business. While operating in the 21st-century advanced tech environment, small and medium-sized businesses are increasingly dependent on automated systems, networks, and digital databases. 


Smart business, smart IT services decisions

Break/fix services are less and less a viable solution for businesses. A modern business cannot afford to wait for a technology outage to happen and then fix the problem, because that downtime can be devastating.  


Managed IT and security services

Almost two-thirds of the companies using this long-term reliable IT support solution. An IT and security services provider is responsible for around-the-clock to monitor, manage and repair your IT infrastructure and end-user systems, such as your business emails, digital databases, office instant messaging, etc.


Custom IT and security services

Depending on your small or medium-sized business, a professional provider will assess your needs and offer the most adequate IT and security services. These managed services may include:

  • Hardware and software maintenance
  • Custom software solutions
  • Cloud services and configuration
  • Data backup and disaster recovery
  • Virus/spyware removal
  • VPN installation and support
  • Voice IP services
  • Network maintenance and security, and remote network monitoring
  • Server management and security
  • IT planning and implementation
  • Help desk support, etc.


The main benefits of managed services

With dedicated IT and security managed services:

  • You can control your IT and security operational costs;
  • Maintaining and upgrading your IT and security infrastructure can be planned according to your business pace;
  • Your business has 24/7 access to knowledge-base support for your IT system;
  • You can significantly reduce downtime in case of an IT/network outage;
  • Your company benefits from increased data security, etc.


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