Keep your business safe (especially during holidays!)

Nov 14, 2019

For many businesses, the holiday season means at least a few days or a couple of weeks off. It is very likely that you and your employees will spend more time at home with families, or working remotely. During holidays, crimes towards businesses see a considerable increase. Our Eggsperts prepared some pieces of advice to keep your business safe no matter the moments of the year, but for sure these are more useful now.

Audit your security equipment

Make sure that all your security infrastructure is in working order. Test your surveillance cameras, your alarms, but also your cybersecurity software, such as firewalls, antiviruses, other security network systems, or your VPN. Do you miss this basic security infrastructure? Contact us today to install what is needed to protect your business efficiently!

Review security policies with your staff

Before they are off for remotely work with their laptops/tablets or other devices, make sure you remind them about all the security rules and procedures. Talk about data protection, data confidentiality, data access, data transfer, safe Internet connections, or any other security risk you consider relevant for your business. 

Stay safe while using public Wi-Fi

This could be the time of the year that more people from your team will be working on the road. Public Wi-Fi networks can carry various security risks, so make sure your staff uses your virtual private network (VPN) when connecting online. If you do not have yet a VPN, call us now! By using a VPN you put a gate in between your business devices and the online world of hackers, by hiding users’ identity and encrypting the sent or received data.

Final advice: do not forget to unplug or turn off unnecessary electronics, and to lock up thoroughly your shop or office.

Keep your business safe, and get a security audit from EggHead IT!


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