The IT Checklist for Getting Your Office Ready Post-Pandemic

Jun 29, 2021

With things finally going back to normal after the global pandemic, many companies now face new challenges when it comes to returning to the office.

Whether you’re ready to welcome all workers back or are thinking of using a hybrid model, you need a thorough IT checklist to ensure the safety of your business and employees.

Here’s where you should start!

Check the Hardware

Computers, laptops, phones, printers and other devices have likely seen very little use over the last couple of months. Make sure that everything is running smoothly and is still well connected.

There’s a chance that wires may have been damaged, for example. Old equipment may not be working anymore. All of these things have to be looked over well before you reopen your doors.

Check the Network

Your network is vital to your operations, so ensuring that it is up to standards should be on your IT checklist. When you return to the office, you don’t want the backbone of your business to be up in the air, which could severely damage not only your workflow but also your reputation.

Keep Devices up to Date

From an IT support perspective, keeping devices up to date is probably the most important thing business owners can do.

With so many cyberattacks happening worldwide and hackers looking for any window of opportunity to breach your data, you cannot be too careful. Patch everything up at the earliest in order to shield your business.

Oversee Safe Data Transfers

While working remotely, your employees may have used personal devices in order to conduct some business operations. If that is the case and you need to transfer data to business devices, make sure you virtually sanitize everything first in order to further keep cyberattacks at bay.

A managed service provider can help with all of this and more, as well as creating an IT checklist that fits your exact needs.

Contact us today to find out how we can help!

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