Top 5 ways to secure your business wifi.

Aug 27, 2022

Making sure you take care of your business wifi will free you from needing business IT services to come out and repair any damages before it’s too late.

Thankful there are plenty of precautionary measures you can go through to lessen the chance of being hacked.

1.) Move your router to a secure location.

This may seem like an obvious way to control and secure your network but it can make a great difference. Move your router to a place like a cabinet you can lock or in any physical location that is more secure. This will protect you from anyone being able to tamper with your connection and hardware. A simple but a great place to start.

2.) Update firmware and software

Simple updates to your protective software and firmware are a great way to ensure any network leaks are patched up and secure. Make sure you are up to date with the latest versions of protection and stay ahead of hackers. This is another simple process to strengthen your network security.

3.) Update network names and passwords.

It is best to make these as unique as possible. Often times networks are labeled with simple, user-friendly names like “admin” so to keep the attention off this specific network, it is best to give it a unique name that is not so easily recognizable.
Having passwords that are unique is also another very simple way to add more network protection. Around 15 characters is usually a good place to be, with a combination of upper case and lower case letters, numbers, and special characters.

4.) Separate networks

You can easily set up two access points with a simple SSID, or Service Set Identifier. This will allow you to create an access point that is used for a more public setting and an access point that is closed and more secure for your employees and business use.

4.) Install a Web Application Firewall

Installing a WAF is a great way to protect against hackers from getting into your network and accessing data and information on you, your business, and your clients. It will protect all information inside your business network and are easy to install. These will keep you up to date against attacks as the world of tech is ever-changing.

Help to protect yourself and your business with these simple steps and strengthen your network security. Start with these simple steps and if you run into issues or need help, visit us here. We offer IT solutions for all your business and home IT needs. EggHead IT is here to help.


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