VOIP vs PBX: Which is right for your business?

Feb 1, 2023

Voip vs PBX: Which is right for your business?

You probably don’t even have to think about making business calls because it is so ingrained in your daily routine. The connection between the caller and the call recipient is made possible by a huge amount of technology running behind the scenes. There are two types of technology that make these calls possible. 

The technology includes VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) and PBX (Private Branch Exchange). You may be wondering which of these is better to use for your business so we would examine them both and see which suits your needs.


The Public branch exchange is the technology system that handles calls where you have to dial a specific office extension or desired menu number to get through to the person you want to speak with. When the PBX system was launched businesses used many telephone numbers for small cost by purchasing telephone switchboards or lines and hiring their operator. 

But with the advent of computers, the problem of automated switchboards was solved and people could now use the system more effectively. The use of the internet made the IP PBX version better. It became less costly than the manual system so every company could use it. For companies of all sizes, the phone system was a valuable investment, saving on overhead costs


The VOIP system is a system that allows users to make calls through an internet data network. This means that VOIP data network and voice calls converge and go through each other. Users can access the internet analog phone calls and the VOIP phone call at the same time on the same line. 

With the evolution of the internet, VOIP systems now allow communication between phones, computers, and IP phones. The new system became cloud-based and is hosted by an outside provider. Through the new system you can gain access to multiple channels of communication and you can communicate from any location. 

What to consider before choosing a between these systems

To consider which of these services is the best for your business, you have to look at;

Your current structure

With the current structure your business has in place, you have to consider which of these systems will suit your needs. If you’re looking for a system that will grant you 24hrs access to reach your clients, the VOIP system is your best bet and it’s incredibly easy to install and set up.

Access to Internet

If you have a reliable internet service provider installed already for your business, you can make a choice between both systems as they both require internet currently. However, you must ensure you have a strong signal and enough bandwidth to make these calls. If you don’t have internet, you cannot use these systems.


Looking at these factors, you can decide which call system will best suit your business needs and go for it. However, if you need a VOIP system installed for your business or you are unsure, contact EggHead IT services to see how we can help!


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