Why use VoIP with EggHead IT for your business?

Sep 11, 2019

Considering VoIP Voice Solutions for your business? Phone systems installed on computers connected to the Internet gain more and more attention. They help businesses save money and be more connected to their employees and customers. Here are more reasons why you should give up traditional telecom, and move to VoIP with EggHead IT.


  • Connect to your VoIP phone system whenever and wherever you want, as long as you are online.
  • No matter how many ZIP code areas your business serves, or how many offices you have, you will share only one communication system.
  • Clean your office and get rid of all the land phones and cables. The VoIP system needs no on-site equipment. So, no more worries about maintenance or upgrades.
  • Reduce your communication costs, as online telephony is more accessible than traditional telecom services.
  • No need for receptionists anymore, as VoIP with EggHead IT can greet and route callers as you need.
  • Focus on your customers, and provide the best calling experience! There will be no busy tone presented to your customers, and the system can put calls on hold, play marketing messages and move calls seamlessly between users.
  • Keep any existing phone numbers. EggHead IT’s Cloud Connect can transfer them to the new system.


Ready to switch to a better telephone solution? Contact us today!

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