5 Reasons why updates and patches are so important?

Jul 18, 2021


We feel your pain, and we know it’s tempting to postpone or just skip updates all together. We get it, however, by doing this it can expose you to significant security threats and restricts you from taking advantage of new features included in new software releases. These can include updates to your device’s operating system and firmware (commonly known as a ‘Patch’ or a ‘Service Pack’), installed software and applications, and general bug patches.

Unfortunately, most people postpone these “software updates” because these update notifications show up at inconvenient times. The process of these updates and patches can take long time to complete, therefore, most people put them off when they see such update notifications. According to a 2017 Pew Research survey, 14% of users never update their device’s operating system, and 42% only do it when it’s convenient, ignoring the fact that these updates also contain critical security patches. According to a research, such notifications can disrupt focus and even trigger depression and anxiety.

In this article, we have highlighted the main reasons, why software patches and updates are so important? There may be several reasons for this but here we mention some common reasons to understand, why it’s important to regularly update software.

1. It comes with several new features

A software update offers several new features. Every year, new software versions are released with several new and useful features. You will add a lot of new features to your computer by updating software. Additionally, patches will eliminate computer bugs that cause your computer to slow down.

2. It reduces vulnerabilities

Security patches are one of the main reasons to keep the software and apps on your device up to date. As more devices are exposed to the Internet, the files that hold all of your product information are becoming more vulnerable to the security attacks. It’s crucial that you don’t overlook any critical software upgrades. Using an unpatched/outdated computer is equivalent to putting no locks on the doors, that attracts unwanted intruders. If you choose to ignore computer patches, you are opting to make your computer vulnerable to viruses and cyberattacks. To keep their malicious endeavor going, cybercriminals depend on users’ apathy toward software updates.

3. It fixes crashes and bugs

When a company creates an updated version of the software, it fixes crashes, problems, bugs, and other issues. You can’t expect problems to go away if these applications aren’t updated. Any piece of software created has bugs or room for improvement (some more than others). Manufacturers release changes when security flaws or bugs are found, small software improvements are made, and compatibility issues are addressed. Updating your software ensures that you are using the most up-to-date and bug-free version available.

4. It helps in data protection

You typically have a lot of documents and personal details on your computers. Cybercriminals are interested in the personal identifiable information, which covers anything from emails to bank account details. They can use it to commit crimes under your name or sell it on the dark web so that anyone can use it for cybercrimes. They can encrypt your data if it’s a ransomware attack. To recover an encryption key, you may have to pay a ransom. Keeping the software and operating systems up to date will help keep hackers away.

5. Additional Enhancements and improved compatibility

In addition to security fixes, software updates may include additional and enhanced features, as well as improved compatibility with various devices or applications. They can also make the software more robust by removing obsolete features. Each of these updates are intended to improve the user experience. Although frequent update notifications can be annoying, particularly if you have a number of different applications; they can improve your overall experience and ensure that you get the best out of your technologies in the long run. Although certain computer software allows you to approve and install patches manually; updating software on your mobile devices is much simpler. You can choose auto-update option to keep the mobile applications up to date.

Ultimately, as irritating and potentially harmful as software update notifications are, leaving the software out of date is much more dangerous. Developers release updates in response to the detection of bugs, but refusing to update places the device or phone at risk of being hacked. Hopefully, if you are prompted to update your software, you will take the time to do so. A few minutes can save you a lot of hassle in the long run.

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