Managed Service Provider vs. Internal IT Team

Apr 13, 2021

IT services have become a hot topic for a lot of business owners as of late, particularly when it comes to hiring an internal IT team VS a managed service provider.

If you’re in the process of picking between the two, then you should be aware of their advantages and disadvantages. Where one service excels, the other performs poorly, so let’s get into the differences between them.

Internal IT team

Businesses have been using internal IT teams since forever. But does that mean they’re the best option?


  • They will know the ins and outs of your business like nobody else.
  • They’re available on-site.
  • You’ll have more control over your data.


  • Expensive. You have to pay for wages, health insurance, payroll tax, paid time off, sick leave, and unemployment insurance.
  • Limited level of expertise. You’ll have to support continuous training and rely on a jack-of-all-trades in most cases.
  • You’ll lose support during time off.

Managed Service Provider

MSPs have become a more attractive choice, here’s why:


  • Affordable and flexible- you only pay for what you need.
  • MSP experts keep up to date with the best practices in various fields.
  • Scales with your business and growth.
  • Will provide proactive services and 24/7 availability.


  • Less control over IT systems since most MPSs offer remote assistance.
  • Requires full trust when dealing with sensitive data.

Making the Right Choice

In-house teams have a closer connection to your business and can offer immediate assistance right then and there when problems arise.

Meanwhile, hiring an MSP is better not just in terms of affordability, but also due to their broad range of expertise. These, coupled with 24/7 support will give you peace of mind, and thanks to their scalability you can make changes to your contract as your business grows and evolves.

If you need more help in making up your mind, contact us today!

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