Our IT services for dealerships

Oct 28, 2019

EggHead IT experts are here to make the technology work for your dealership. We have the industry expertise and top-notch tech and services.

IT support

Every dealership experiences tens of IT issues every month, from minor to major computer or network problems. We provide expert support and troubleshooting, based on your needs. We are always one phone call away, and stay on your problem until we fix it.

Phone systems

Modernize your phone system with the VoIP technology, which allows your business to interact with ease with any clients and suppliers. By installing phone numbers on computers, your employees can connect to the phone system whenever and wherever they need to. 

Camera installation

Modern security camera system helps you fight theft and vandalism, but it can also be a great sales aid. Your staff can easily monitor customers, making sure everyone is greeted. EggHead IT installs camera systems that allow you to online monitor your parking lot from anywhere. These also have high-capacity for storing huge amounts of footage and HD cameras for high-quality videos.

Data & cybersecurity

We are here to take away your worries about any security breaches of sensitive customer data. We shield your business from cybersecurity threats by installing multiple layers of security on your network and using the best equipment. Also, we provide security and threat management, continuous network monitoring, intrusion detection, and prevention services.

Network set up and management

We can properly set up your network and help you to maintain and manage it. There will be no more employees’ complaints about network or computer issues. Our experts are there in the background to update software, to delete spam or to deal with unresponsive servers and make everything work. 

Disaster recovery and business continuity

With our special IT products and cloud services for auto dealers, you can continue to run your business, no matter the data loss catastrophe. We can back up your entire system and get you covered even for the most extreme situations. Our cloud services allow you to restore your data seconds after the disaster, but also to work remotely until your servers, infrastructure or the office building are functional again.

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