Why cloud service matters for your business

Oct 18, 2019

More and more entrepreneurs embrace cloud infrastructure to power their businesses. A cloud system provides freedom, flexibility, lower operation costs, while keeping your data safe and accessible anytime, anywhere, from any connected device. Check the benefits of a cloud service and contact us to discuss how EggHead IT can make it available to you!

Business freedom and flexibility

Storing your data on the Internet allows your team to access it and do their work anywhere, anytime, desktop or mobile, as long as they can get online. As studies show, a cloud service: 

  • improves employees’ mobility,
  • increases their productivity, 
  • facilitates better cooperation, and 
  • makes work processes faster and easier. 

Cloud service gives you freedom and flexibility to develop your business structure as you want, collaborating with the people you would like to work with, no matter where they are. 

Lower costs on data management

If you run your own servers, most probably you still remember the money you paid for the actual server capacity. Also, for sure, you are fully aware of the other costs you have for monitoring and maintaining the local drivers/servers. Contact us to:

  • outsource your stress and worries about your servers,
  • reduce your data management costs,
  • choose the cloud storage plan that fits your current business workload, and add capacity as you need it.

Cloud service backups your company’s data

If your devices fail, your data is safe and you can reach it easily from other equipment. Cloud storage offsite allows you to easily backup your data and recover it when you need it. 

Ease of use

A cloud service is completely intuitively. Saving and accessing files on the cloud is easy and attractive even for your less technical team members.

Contact us to introduce to you our cloud service solution!


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